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Rehab and Wellness

Retrain your body to move correctly.

As an extension of your Chiropractic treatment, Provision will develop a rehab and wellness plan to get you back to optimal health. Based on your Chiropractic assessment from Dr. Hochstein, we provide exercise guidance and training that is targeted to strengthen problem areas and prevent future issues.

  • Mobility

  • Balance

  • Hip Mobility and Strength

  • Core Rehab

  • Shoulder Stability

  • Proper Breathing Techniques

  • Ankle Mobility

  • Thoracic Spine Mobility

  • Progressive exercises

  • SoftWave (TRT)

Kiara Hochstein works with a young chiropractic patient on proper stretching techniques.
Gail Hochstein instructs a female athlete on proper theraband techniques to improve mobility.
Kiara Hochstein works with a female patient on breathing exercises after a severe car accient.
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