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Three Pillars of Wellness

Each person experiences different causes and pains, so there is never a “one-size-fits-all” path to wellness. Your body is an integrated system and should be treated holistically, not separately. As a result, your habitual posture, work environment, past injuries, or improper physical training can have a huge impact on the way your body is currently functioning. 


That’s why we at Provision Chiropractic and Wellness have developed a three-pillar approach to support your overall pain relief and wellness goals.




Pain can be the center of a vicious cycle that can undermine your health. Diagnosing the cause of your pain and identifying the root cause is the first step. 



Once we start correcting the causes of your pain, you’ll begin to feel your normal self again. Through chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Techniques®, Dr. Hochstein will begin to work through your trouble areas.



Provision supports a whole-body approach. Not only will you receive adjustments and treatment for your pain, but you’ll also begin a rehab plan that will address what caused the issues in the first place with our wellness specialists.

Doctors hands performing ART Kneck Adjustment from Provsion Chiropractic and Wellness
Chiropactic & Soft Tissue Care
Rehabilitative exercise with therabands from Provsion Chiropractic and Wellness


Rehabilitative Exercise

Guided by our Wellness Specialists, we will improve your mobility and establish proper form to strengthen weakened muscle groups more effectively.


Functional Progression

As mobility and strength return, you’ll continue to improve your body’s optimal function through progressive rehabilitative exercises.  You’ll focus on breathing correctly, improving hip mobility, hip hinging, glute activation, and t-spine/ trunk mobility. 


Strength and Mobility Training

You’ll continue to receive chiropractic and soft tissue treatment throughout your program with Provision. By combining these three pillars of care, you’ll work upwards toward improved strength and mobility - eventually providing long-lasting results.

Rehab and Functional Movement
Man being instructed on correct stretching posture.
Hands assessing knee issues Provsion Chiropractic and Wellness


Collaborative Treatment

Provision Chiropractic and Wellness won’t send you on your way without explaining your treatment options. First, we’ll look at WHAT hurts to understand WHY it hurts. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for your overall health, explaining our recommendations, and showing you the proper way to perform exercises and daily tasks. 



As you progress through your chiropractic rehab, we will provide you with periodic assessments on your posture, deviations from optimal body movement patterns, and identify areas that could still be improved. 



As your body adjusts to your treatment, you’ll reeducate your body to move the way it’s supposed to move. Over time, some muscle groups can begin to overcompensate for weaker ones. As a result, your body forgets the right way to move. We’ll work to help you reclaim your body’s natural functional movement and mobility.

Continuing Health

You have the opportunity to continue a wellness regimen at Provision. We provide massage therapy and nutritional guidance for continual mobility and body optimization. We’ll work to encourage and build confidence as you regain your regular fitness and activity levels.

Integrative Wellness
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